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Hearing tests in Ballymena

Do you find yourself finding it more difficult to hear conversations with friends and family? Or needing to turn up the volume on the television? Perhaps you may want to consider a free hearing check with Katie, our Hearing Care Professional.

Katie will assess every detail of your hearing concerns and requirements and offer friendly and professional advice to suit your needs, whether a tailored hearing loss solution or hearing protection.

We can provide hearing devices with the latest technology, along with a full aftercare service to ensure you and your hearing aids are continually looked after.

Wax removal in Ballymena

Are you struggling with a build-up of excess ear wax? We offer an ear wax removal service using microsuction, a clean, safe and efficient method which doesn’t use any liquids.

Booking your free hearing test

Hearing loss can happen for many reasons, and we encourage people take care of there hearing as we understand the difficulties that hearing loss can bring. If you’d like to book an appointment with our audiologist simply contact us today and know that your ear health is in good hands.

Book an appointment today via the Contact Us page or by calling us at BH McKeague Optometrist on 02825656395